Sloan-Kettering coming to Brooklyn

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center wants to bring its world-renowned cancer doctors to Downtown Brooklyn.

Last week, the legendary medical center signaled its desire to open a $5.1-million outpatient chemotherapy center when it applied to the state Health Department to open the clinic, a move necessary before any hospital builds a new facility or acquires expensive equipment, explained Sloan-Kettering spokeswoman Christine Hickey.

The project would be the hospital’s first expansion within the five boroughs. It currently has facilities in Westchester, New Jersey and on Long Island.

“Many of our patients come from Brooklyn, and we know that it can be very difficult to travel into Manhattan for cancer treatment,” Hickey said. “We wanted to respond to the needs of our patients by bringing some of our services closer to where they live.”

State officials preliminarily approved the application on Oct. 24, but will now conduct further review to determine the hospital’s need, financial analysis, costs and architecture, said agency spokeswoman Beth Goldberg.

“At this point, it’s really early [in the process] so we can’t give a timeline,” Goldberg said.

“It’s different with every application.”

The Sloan-Kettering would provide only chemotherapy for its patients in a space at 557 Atlantic Ave., near Fourth Avenue. For other cancer treatments, like radiation, patients will still have to into Manhattan, Hickey said.

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