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Sneaks use several residents’ debit cards lost in the mail

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

What’s with the mail?

Fraudsters intercepted and used several debit and credit cards mailed to residents’ homes. Here’s the rundown:

• Someone stole an E. 36th Street woman’s bank card on Dec. 7.

The woman told police she was expecting a new debit card at her home near Quentin Avenue, but never received it. Instead, a thief used it to deposit and withdraw money from her account several times.

• A swindler used an E. 56th Street man’s card to access his bank account on Dec. 13.

The victim told police that he never received his expected debit card at his home near Avenue K. The next day he noticed that $700 was withdrawn from his account, according to police.

• A lawbreaker went on a spending-spree with an E. 56th Street woman’s credit card sometime between Nov. 22 and Dec. 14.

The woman told police she never received her new card at her home near Avenue H. Almost a month later she discovered that someone had racked up $849, according to police.

Lost and found

Cops cuffed a 20-year-old woman who they say used a woman’s lost debit card at a Utica Avenue discount store on Dec. 11.

The card owner told authorities that she left the card at the store near Avenue M on Dec. 11 and discovered it was lost on Dec. 13. Police said the suspect bought two pairs of sneakers for $326 using the card.

Cops caught up with the suspect on Dec. 16 and arrested her.


A phantom lifted and moved laptop at an E. 68th Street school on Dec. 14.

An employee told police that she left the laptop at the school near Avenue N around 7:30 am. When she went back for it around 9:30 am, the laptop was gone, according to police.

The next day the employee returned to the precinct to say that she found the laptop in a third-floor classroom, according to police.

Car sweep

A marauder snuck into a woman’s car parked on E. 35th Street sometime between Dec. 14 and 15 and stole her belongings.

The woman told police that she parked her car in her driveway near Quentin Road around 2 pm, and the next day noticed that some money, a pair of earrings, and a debit card were missing.

Cops said the woman admitted she may have left car doors unlocked, according to the report.

Big draw

A snake withdrew money from a Harden Street man’s bank account on Nov. 21.

The man, who lives near Flatlands Avenue, told cops that a sneak took $1,600 from his account at a cash dispensing machine on Nov. 21 around 8 am. He made the discovery on Dec. 18 and reported it to cops, according to police.

— Alexandra Simon

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