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Soaked two ways

Sneaky clean

A stealthy burglar cleaned out a Ft. Greene Place apartment while its tenant was soaking in the tub on Dec. 29.

The victim told cops that she was taking a bath at 2:30 pm in her apartment, which is near DeKalb Avenue. When she emerged, she discovered that a Playstation game system, a computer and $3,000 were missing. Mysteriously, there were no signs of forced entry and the neighbors didn’t hear a thing.

Fleeced coat

A thief played “finders-keepers” with a wallet that had been left in the fitting room of a popular coat retailer on Atlantic Avenue.

The victim, a City Tech student, walked out of Burlington Coat Factory on Dec. 29, and realized that she’d left her billfold behind.

She returned to claim it at 8:15 pm, but the dressing room attendant told her that she’d given the wallet to a different woman, who’d described it and claimed it as her own.

The wallet contained $100 and credit cards.

A very similar crime occurred at the same store three days earlier.

Bargain hunters

Discount shoppers, hold onto your wallets! Thieves are running loose at Marshall’s in the notorious Atlantic Center Mall.

One victim, a young woman, was shopping at 2 pm on Dec. 31 when a thief grabbed her handbag off her cart. She lost the Coach handbag — which itself was worth $500 — plus the iPod and phone inside.

Another woman had her pocket picket on Jan. 3. She told cops that she was in line to pay at 4:20 pm, and discovered that her wallet was missing. By the time she cancelled her credit cards, she was told that the thief had bought himself three meals at McDonald’s and a Metrocard.

Car trouble

A livery cab driver beat up a passenger who appeared to be stiffing him on New Year’s Day.

It all started when the cabbie prepared to drop off the victim at his Adelphi Street apartment at around 8 pm.

“I’ll be right back with your money,” said the passenger, heading upstairs.

But the driver didn’t believe him, and hopped out of the car and smashed the passenger in the head, cops said.

Masquerade job

A thief burglarized a Classon Avenue apartment while its resident slept on Jan. 2.

The victim awoke at 4 am to find a marauder at the foot of her bed.

“Don’t move and I won’t hurt you,” said the man in a ski mask, who had entered the apartment, which is near Gates Avenue. He took $100 from her top dresser drawer, then retreated into the night.

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