Stumptown Coffee — from the source in Red Hook

Stumptown Coffee — from the source in Red Hook
Photo by Kristen V. Brown

Stumptown coffee is available throughout the borough, but true java geeks should make their way down to Red Hook, where the roaster’s new coffee bar opened this month.

Not only is the entire menu of Stumptown beans up for offer, coffee connoisseurs can nerd out by sampling coffee brewed in six different methods: French press, Aeropress, Chemex, Melitta, Siphon or — the most popular single-cup method — the pour-over bar.

The coffee spot will also host regular tastings — or cuppings in coffee lingo.

“There really isn’t anything like this in New York — where people can go to buy whole beans, do regular tastings and cuppings and to learn about brewing equipment,” said Matt Lounsbury, director of operations at Stumptown in Portland. “People always walk into the roastery trying to buy coffee, so we thought, why not put in a tasting room?”

The approach is similar to that of Stumptown’s hugely popular Annex in Portland, Ore., where Stumptown has been offering whole beans and coffee — but no espresso — since 2005.

“It’s really meant to be a place where people can learn a lot about coffee and taste a lot of coffee,” said Lounsbury. “We really want people to figure out what they like.”

The coffee brewing gagetry is unparalleled.
Photo by Kristen V. Brown

Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ Red Hook Tasting Room (219 Van Brunt St. at Commerce Street in Red Hook, Friday-Sunday. No phone.)

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