Suspect: The Hamburglar

77th Precinct

Prospect Heights

Gunning for burgers

A crew of gun-toting hamburglars raided the Atlantic Avenue McDonalds on July 19, taking $3,000 and roughing up the employees.

Sporting masks, bandanas and gloves, the thieves sneaked through an unlocked back door to the store, located between Vanderbilt and Clinton avenues, at 3:30 am, surprising two employees inside.

One of the thieves grabbed an employee by the throat, ordering him to open up the safe. Both men then fled with the store’s cash, as well as the employees’ wallets and cellphones.

Bullet pain

A gunman fired off a barrage of bullets on Franklin Avenue on July 17, sending a 29-year-old man to the hospital and the thug into custody.

The violence broke out between Park and Sterling places at around 3 pm, resutling in one man unconscious from gunshot wounds to his back and left leg.

Paramedics rushed the 29-year-old to Kings County Hospital while investigators narrowed in on the 23-year-old shooter, who was taken into custody a short time later without incident.

Checking out

A sticky-fingered thief made off with a purse — and the five personal checks inside it — as it hung from the back of a chair inside a Flatbush Avenue eatery on July 16.

A 29-year-old woman told police she was dining inside the Geido Restaurant between Prospect and Park places at 8:30 pm when the creeper snagged her bag. She told police she didn’t realize her purse was missing until she had to pay the bill.

Old school swipe

A thief smashed his way into a car on July 19 to get his hands on the vehicle’s $200 stereo.

The 27-year-old motorist told police he parked his car on Atlantic Avenue between Washington and Grand avenues at 1 am. He returned to his car at 9 pm that night to find his passenger-side window shattered and his car stereo missing.

Wheeled away

A thief in the market for a new bicycle found one on July 11 in a Prospect Place apartment building.

A 42-year-old tenant of the building between Vanderbilt and Underhill avenues told police that he left his wheels in a common area just after 3 pm. When he sought out the bike about a week later, it was gone.

— Thomas Tracy

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