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Thar she blows!

Barbes isn't only known for jazz: Here's a scene from the Blowhole Theater Marathon back in 2006.

The night belongs to the freaks and the people who adore them on Friday, Feb. 20, with the return of the Blowhole Theater’s “Winterlude,” a pageant of oddball entertainers and musicians.

“If Broadway Danny Rose were alive today, this would be the kind of act he would do,” said Don Rauf, the organizer of the 19th annual vaudeville.

Expect the unexpected from the free variety show including Rauf’s band Life in a Blender; a comedic skit starring a recurring character, the profane Scottish Jesus (pictured); and an interpretation of Tom Waits music (called “Tom Waits for No One”) — all held together by a moonshine-drinking host.

The Blowhole name is not just an homage to the attraction from Coney Island’s heyday that lifted ladies’ skirts and electrocuted men with cattle prods, it also reveals that the audience might get sucked into the antics, too.

“The tradition continues,” said Rauf.

Consider yourself warned.

Blowhole Theater’s “Winterlude” is on Feb. 20 at Barbes [376 Ninth St. at Sixth Avenue in Park Slope, (718) 965-9177], 7 pm.

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