The biking iPhone thief is back!

The biking iPhone thief is back!
The Brooklyn Paper / Bess Adler

At least four women had their fancy iPhones stolen last week across three precincts — and all of the thefts were committed by a thief on a bicycle, a chilling reminder of a crime wave that cops thought they had broken last year.

The good news? The thief may have been injured in one of his attacks.

In all, the two-wheeling hoodlum hit one Park Slope woman, two Prospect Heights woman and another lady in Boerum Hill. Here are the gory details of the crimes:

• The bike-riding thief began his wave of terror on Nov. 19, when he plucked a 38-year-old woman’s iPhone from her hand on Flatbush Avenue. The woman told cops that she was between St. Marks Avenue and Prospect Place at 5:45 pm when the teenage thief rolled by her, grabbing the $500 phone as he passed.

• Then, on Nov. 22, the same type of crime was committed by a riding thug who grabbed a woman’s phone as its user left Prospect Park on Third Street. The woman told cops that she was jabbering on the iPhone 4 at around 4 pm when a man on a white mountain bike cruised up behind her and grabbed the phone as he rolled down the slope.

• The next day, a goon on a bicycle snagged an iPhone from a 41-year-old woman on Atlantic Avenue on Nov. 23. The victim told cops that she was between Hoyt and Bond streets at 3:20 pm when the punk pedaled by, plucking the pricey smart phone from her hand.

• Hours later, a free-wheeling finagler swiped a phone at the corner of Park Place and Underhill Avenue, but ended up getting hit by a passing van.

The victim was chatting on her pricey smart phone at 8:30 pm when the thief plucked the iPhone out of her hand and sped off.

He didn’t get very far, however, thanks to the van. The thief abandoned the mangled bike, but still managed to escape with the cellphone.

Curiously, however, the reign of terror appeared to end there.