The problem is, she’s still smokin’ — and the May 23 deadline is nigh

She’s smokin’! But that’s the problem, as Park honcha must quit before May 23
Photo by Tom Callan

She’s still smoking!

North Brooklyn parks honcha Stephanie Thayer has tumbled off the wagon in her quest to quit her lifelong habit less than a week before the city bans on smoking in public parks on May 23.

But she fights on.

“I have to quit, as a matter of example for others as well as for myself and my own personal health,” said Thayer, who spends nearly every waking hour of her life in public parks.

Thayer made her vow to stop smoking in March, a promise that inspired a series of articles to track her success in battling an addiction that afflicts millions of Americans.

The two-pack-a-day smoker did cut her habit to as few as six cancer sticks a day, but then experienced such strong cravings for the wacky weed that she started lighting up again.

The best she was able to do was quit for two days at a time, she said.

“Whether it’s was doing a project at work or attending a fundraiser at the Open Space Alliance, I was fibbing that maybe I could have just one — but I realize I’m not the just one kind of person,” said Thayer. “There is no ‘just one’ for me.”

But Thayer has renewed her vows.

“I am bound and determined to do this,” said Thayer. “I’m at the ‘Let’s quit smoking again’ phase.”