The riding iThief is back!

Phone grab

A cycling thief snatched a woman’s iPhone from her hand near the Bedford L train station on April 11.

The woman was texting a friend as she walked on N. Seventh Street at 1:05 pm when a man rode his bicycle up to her, took the phone, and rode away.

Quick pick

A thief broke into a car on N. Seventh Street on April 14 and stole its driver’s wallet.

The driver told police that he parked near Driggs Avenue at 9:25 pm and returned only seven minutes later to find his wallet gone.

N. Seventh Street and Driggs Avenue

Big Driggs

A thief stole three laptops, a DVD and an iPod from three Driggs Avenue apartments in the same building on April 13.

One tenant told police that he left his apartment at noon, but returned at 6:45 pm that day to find his front door open and stuff gone — and two other tenants’ computers were also missing.

Feat of Clay

A thief stole a DVD player and several DVDs from a neighbor in his Clay Street building on April 13.

The tenant told police that the perp broke into the apartment at 9:30 am and took his things.

The suspect was arrested later that day.

— Aaron Short

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