The weekender! Here’s what you should do on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Your three-day Halloween guide!

Ghouls, goblins, Brooklynites: As if you didn’t know, it’s Halloweekend. I know, I know; we’re all growing weary of things being described as “spooktacular,” and our fair borough being cheekily dubbed “Boo-klyn,” but let’s be honest: there’s some seriously freaky stuff going on this weekend in commemoration of the freakiest day of the year (and plenty of un-freaky — but equally fantastic — stuff, too). So here we go: your “spooktacular” weekender!

• Get the Halloween festivities started on Friday at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, where young Brooklynites can break it down at the annual Monster Mash bash, complete with spooky tunes and plenty of candy; come dressed to impress — that is, like a zombie, ghoul, goblin, or the like.

• At 8 pm, there will be fireworks in the harbor — visible from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, of course — to celebrate the 125th birthday of that big green lady on the pedastal (funny, she doesn’t look a day over 110). Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to see fireworks.

• Head out to Gowanus and check out Alan Harding’s brand spankin’ new restaurant Littleneck and chow down on some clam chowder — don’t worry, these clams aren’t from the Canal.

It'll look like this near Lady Liberty tonight!
The Brooklyn Paper file / Tom Callan

• Feeling artsy? Of course you are! Lucky for you, Friday is Bushwick’s Beat Nite, a mondo bi-annual neighborhood-wide gallery crawl to sate the appetites of art lovers like you!

• Start your Saturday right with a very dignified Civil War re-enactment at Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Heights! No, there’s no battle — but there will be plenty of storytelling, period costumes, walking tours and artifacts to check out. War’s never been this civil!

• Head to Greenpoint and check out the first-ever Greenpoint Film Festival’s delectable brunch — a scrumptious selection from a host of local joints — before catching a flick by one of your favorite filmmakers (Saturday night, there will be a midnight screening of David Lynch’s “Eraserhead” — just sayin’).

• Art lovers, rev your engines, put the pedal to the metal and speed over to the latest G-train Salon installation at the Vax Moto motorcycle chop shop in Park Slope before it closes on Nov. 3!

• Don’t miss the Chinese acrobats at the Brooklyn Center, in one of the troupe’s first performances in North America! Expect contortionists, dancers, gymnasts and plenty of sequined Spandex. Who wouldn’t wanna?

• Again, we ask, “Who wouldn’t wanna?” — This time referring to the great Pupkin Dog Costume Contest, the precious Prospect Park haunted walk, the unmatched Halloween rumpus at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and so many more Halloween-themed events happening all over the borough on Saturday. For exact times and locales, convenience and ease, check our handy dandy Halloween roundup — you won’t be disappointed! Or at least, you won’t be bored on Saturday!

• On Sunday, check out the Brooklyn Museum’s new exhibit, “Youth and Beauty: Art in the American Twenties.” Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

• And then: is there any better way to round out your weekend — and spend a Sunday evening — than watching sexy Sufjan Stevens and Castanets crooner Ray Raposa team up and perform a score they wrote to accompany a documentary called “Beyond This Place,” at a screening of the film at BAM? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Get your tickets fast!

The Chinese acrobats will wow the crowds at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday — don't miss it!

• And as always, these and other great events are in our exclusive family calendar, our great nightlife calendar, and our matchless events calendar.