The weekender! Here’s what you should do on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

October is upon us, Brooklyn, so let’s make it count before we’re engulfed in snow, and sweaters, and scarves, and itchy wool. How do we make it count? Let us count the ways: welcome to your weekend!

• It’s Friday night, Brooklyn, so gather your strength and get ready to party. Start the night off right by checking out the “Guest Check,” exhibition at the Urban Folk Art Gallery — an art show dedicated to the artwork of bartenders, waiters and waitresses working at establishments along Smith Street — before it closes on Oct. 24.

• After that, head up to Williamsburg and catch the last of CMJ before it wraps at Brooklyn Vegan showcase at Music Hall of Williamsburg!

• Ever wonder what Brooklyn was like 150 years ago? Find out on Saturday at the art collective Brooklyn Diggers first pop-up museum in Greenpoint’s McGolrick Park, where you can expect re-enactments, historical costumes, food from the time period and smell boxes. That’s right — smell boxes. Take a big whiff, Greenpoint! All that history is probably making you feel a little bit …festive?

• If that’s the case, head south just a hair to Huitzilli for a sugar skull workshop, in honor of Dio de los Muertos, Mexican Halloween.

• Round out Saturday with a Cecily von Ziegesar reading from her new novel, “Gossip Girl — Psycho Killer,” in which the “Gossip” girls and boys, well, kill each other. It’ll be to die for, we promise!

Dance on a grave on Sunday afternoon at Green-Wood Cemetery for “Dancing through the Light,” a site-specific dance performance.

• Later, you could catch one of the final performances of Karen O’s psycho-opera “Stop the Virgens” at St. Anne’s Warehouse.

• Vegetables get a bad rap. But not anymore! On Sunday, check out musician Tom Chapin as he celebrates Food Day at PS 58 in Carroll Gardens and plays a set of songs from his new album, “Give Peas a Chance.”

• At that point, it’s time to get spooky — but not too spooky — on Sunday at Green-Wood cemetery for “Dancing through the Light,” a site-specific roving dance show in a graveyard.

• Then, keep going south down to Coney Island and get super, duper really spooky at Luna Park’s haunted boardwalk — just don’t blame us if you get nightmares; we warned you.

• And as always, these and other great events are in our exclusive family calendar, our great nightlife calendar, and our matchless events calendar.

Go see Cecily von Ziegesar read from her new slasher novel mashup, “Gossip Girl — Psycho Killer” at Book Court on Saturday!