The zombie plague grows

Zombie MD: Zombie doctors Rob Rogoyski and Rachel Marcuse prep for brain surgery at the Trash Bar on May 27 during the “NYC Zombie Crawl.”
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

It’s difficult to tell how many people showed up for the “NYC Zombie Crawl” on May 27, but when confronted with three city blocks jam-packed with the moaning undead, who’s really counting?

The NYC Zombie Crawl, now in its ninth year of bringing a horde of beer-craving ghouls to Williamsburg watering holes, has — like any good apocalyptic plague should — grown with every new incarnation.

“Every event gets bigger and bigger,” said Zombie Crawl organizer Doug Sacmann. “It was very impressive.”

In fact, the zombie-themed drinking party has swelled to a point where many revelers arrive pre-zombified — with some even lending a hand to help the team of 20 beleaguered makeup artists turn less-prepared participants into bloody, rotting messes.

“More people show up already in makeup, and people pitched in to help our makeup artists,” said Sacmann.

Zombie fuel: Kate Hepburn and Benjamin Caldwell of Manhattan fuel up on some Pabst Blue Ribbon at the Trash Bar on May 27, before joining the zombie horde as it lurched its way up Bedford Avenue to McCarren Park.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

It might sound scary, but the event looked like so much fun that even children in the neighborhood wanted to get involved.

“Sometimes parents would stop in with their kids and they would get zombified,” said Sacmann. “They couldn’t go the bars, but they could walk along with us.”

After spending about three hours at the Trash Bar on Grand Street putting on makeup and going through lots of fake blood, the undead horde lurched its way up Bedford Avenue to McCarren Park, where a bevy of horror-themed giveaways awaited.

An hour later, the zombies wrapped up the night at Public Assembly with some unusual entertainment including a faux talk show called “Smut Cave” and “Strip for Pain,” a game show in which organizers say they shocked willing participants with a dog collar and a Taser.

It’s worth noting that although the zombies claimed to be craving blood, many seemed to prefer the libations at the open bar.

The horde: The undead revelers of the “NYC Zombie Crawl” started off the day on May 27 as the quick “28 Days Later” zombies. After about a dozen Pabst Blue Ribbons, however, they slowly revereted to the more cumbersome Romero zombies.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

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