Thief steals bar safe

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge—Dyker Heights

Tab grab

A punk snatched the safe from a popular Fifth Avenue watering hole on Oct. 28, police say.

The owner of Bar Ridge between 89th and 90th street said he closed the taproom down at 11:30 pm. When he went back to his pub at 11:30 am the next day, he found that a crook had smashed the glass back door, broken into the basement office, and swiped the cash-filled lockbox off of a cabinet.


A jerk burglarized an insurance brokerage on Fourth Avenue on Oct. 31, cops report.

Black Ridge Brokerage between 91st and 92nd streets told cops that its last employee locked the door and went home at 6 pm on Halloween. When the worker returned at 8 am the next day, she found the door ajar and thousands in cash and business checks missing.

Game over

A crook jacked a Bay Ridge man’s X-Box, laptops, and cash from his Ovington Avenue apartment sometime overnight on Oct. 28, according to cops.

The victim told police he left his home between Third and Fourth avenues at 9:30 pm, and came back at 6 am to see someone had kicked his door open and made off with his money and electronics. Neighbors reported not hearing or seeing anything unusual overnight.

Cause for alarm

A pair of goons tried to heist a Fifth Avenue jewelry store on Oct. 20, police report — but they fled the scene once the owner spotted them and activated his security system.

The proprietor of the Pyramids Jewelry between 71st and 72nd streets said he heard a noise coming from the back of his store at 12:35 am. When he went to check it out, he spotted a pair of hooded intruders trying to break open the rear entrance — prompting the merchant to sound his alarm, which scared the wimpy punks off.

Got the drop

A creep swiped a man’s fallen wallet inside an Eighth Avenue grocery store on Nov. 4, according to police.

Security cameras show the victim dropping his billfold without realizing it while shopping at Feil Long Food Court at the corner of 63rd Street. A few minutes later, a sneaky thief picked it up and walked out with it — with the victim’s cash and cards inside.

Unholy act

An sacrilegious pickpocket ransacked a woman’s coat inside a Fourth Avenue church on Nov. 4, cops say.

The victim said she went to Sunday services at Our Lady of Angels between 73rd and 74th streets at 10:30 am, and placed her jacket on the pew. After the mass was finished, she realized some sinner had taken her wallet.

— Will Bredderman

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