Thief steals laptop from bar

94th Precinct


Bar none

A sneaky thief stole a laptop from a Franklin Street bar on July 19.

A bartender at the watering hole between Quay and Calyer streets told police that he was chatting with a customer at 8:30 pm, and then went to the storeroom to get an item for sale. When he returned, his MacPro — and the customer — was gone.

Insult to injury

Bad luck turned to worse when a man whose car had been taken to an impound on Franklin Street on July 14 discovered that he was robbed of thousands of dollars he had left in the car.

The victim went to the impound at Dupont Street at noon to pick up his belongings from inside the vehicle, but found that the doors were unlocked his belongings were scattered about. He also found that $4,000 he had left inside the glove compartment was missing. The manager of the impound said he hadn’t seen anyone touch the vehicle.

Man shot

Police arrested a suspect who they say shot a man on N. Ninth Street on July 27.

Officials say a 29-year-old man was found shot five times on the street at 10:45 pm. The victim, who was unconscious, was taken to the hospital, where they determined he was unlikely to die of his wounds.

Police found five shell casings, a shirt, and an open bottle of Hennessy at the scene. They later found the suspect, who was charged with assault.

Landing breeched

Police arrested a man who they say ransacked an Engert Avenue home on July 22, taking some gadgets and jewelry.

The victim told police he returned to his home at Eckford Street and noticed the roof landing in the hallway was open. When he looked around, he found his iPod Touch, iPod Nano, watches, and jewelry missing from his bedroom.

The suspect left his hat behind on the kitchen floor, police said, but did not say whether the hat was his undoing.

Cold war

A pair of conniving ladies stole cold medicine and skin care products from a Manhattan Avenue Rite Aid on July 22.

Police said the women entered the drug store between Meserole Avenue and Calyer Street at 3:50 am and grabbed the items. They bolted before cops could catch them.

Common area problems

Someone stole clothes and gadgets from a Driggs Avenue building on July 16.

The victim told police he left his clothes, a laptop, cellphone, pots, and pans in the common area of his building between N. Sixth and N. Seventh streets and returned at 9 pm to discover they were missing.

— Danielle Furfaro