Thief uses gun and knife to rob phones from kids

Rough morning

A well-armed thug made off with two smartphones after holding up a pair of teens on their way to school on April 4 — but he didn’t get far before cops nabbed him.

The victims told police that the teen perp pulled a black pistol and a knife on them around 8:45 am after they left a store on Fort Greene Place between DeKalb Avenue and Fulton Street.

The daytime bandit shouted, “Give me what you got right now,” snatched an iPhone and a Blackberry and ran off.

Cops say they arrested the 17-year-old thief later that day.

Real escape

A pair of burglars made off with an array of computer equipment from a real estate company on Prince Street in Downtown on April 6 — and it was all captured on film.

Cops say that the perps busted in through a side window of the offices of Jack, Jaffa & Associates near Flatbush Avenue Extension at 4:53 am and swiped a laptop computer, projector and computer monitor.

They know this from watching the surveillance video.

Carted away

Someone swiped a pair of fruit carts from a parking lot near Commodore Barry Park last week after the owners left them sitting for two days.

The cart owners told cops that they left their mobile markets in the parking lot on N. Elliot Place between Flushing Avenue and Tillary Street at around 4 pm on April 4 and returned two days later to find their wares missing.

The carts are each valued at $2,000

Truckin’ ay

A thief swiped a Queens man’s truck from Ashland Place on April 7.

The victim told cops that he left his locked 1998 Chevy S10 near Willoughby Street at around 8:30 am, but by the time he returned minutes later, the perp was already making his getaway.

Family affair

A violent thug shot a 31-year-old man in a Park Avenue liquor store around midnight on April 8 — and the victim was his own father!

The dad told police that the son approached him in the store near Carlton Avenue at around 11:50 pm and said, “You think you’re sweet” before shooting him and fleeing.

The victim was taken to Kings County Hospital, where he was treated for internal injuries.

— Dan MacLeod

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