Thieves punch man for iPhone

94th Precinct



Two thieves beat up a man on Havemeyer Street on May 12 — and ran off with his iPhone.

The victim was texting on his phone near N. Sixth Street at 12:15 am when one suspect punched his head, he told cops.

The man dropped his phone, and the other thief snatched it and ran away.

Bucket list

A hot-headed fiend struck his coworker’s face with a bucket inside a N. Henry Street building on May 14, cops said.

The victim told police he in the building near Meserole Avenue at 12:45 pm when he got into an argument with his coworker. That’s when the assailant grabbed the bucket and shoved it towards the man’s eye, police said.

Cops arrested a suspect a few hours later.

Congested crooks

Two teens stole a container of Mucinex from a Manhattan Avenue Rite Aid on May 15.

A camera at the store near Meserole Avenue caught the duo swiping the anti-congestant at 5:50 pm, cops said.

Burglar busted

Cops arrested a man who they say broke into two Conselyea Street apartments on May 18.

A traffic agent called the police at 12:46 pm, when he saw someone trying to break into a building near Manhattan Avenue. Cops arrested a suspect, who they said had several tools that he used to break into the apartment.

Laptop taken

Someone stole a computer, drill, and phone from a Manhattan Avenue apartment overnight on May 11.

The tenant left his building near Bedford Avenue at 7 pm, but when he returned at 6 pm the next day, his stuff was gone, he told cops.

Backpack taken

A thief stole a backpack containing a laptop and credit cards from a car parked on Kent Avenue on May 19.

The driver said he parked his car near N. 11th Street at midnight, but when he returned three hours later, his car smelled like smoke and the bag was missing from his trunk.

Computers missing

A thief stole a computer and several monitors from a Wythe Avenue business on May 19.

The manager told police he left his building near N. 12th Street at 1 pm, but when he returned at 4:30 pm, the electronics were gone.

Motorcycle missing

Someone made off with a Suzuki motorcycle parked on Lorimer Street on May 15.

The driver said he parked his chopper near Noble Street at 7 pm, but when he returned 12 hours later, it was missing.

— Aaron Short