This writer is appealing to a flier power

This writer is appealing to a flier power
Community Newspaper Group / Alfred Ng

Talk about a novel approach!

A Park Slope writer is plastering the neighborhood with fliers for her book — but the dang tome isn’t even published yet.

“Park Slope’s very own Marianne Soberanis has written her first novel,” the fliers proclaim, before directing the curious to Soberanis’s website, mariannesoberanis.com.

Soberanis hopes that the fliers will help her generate a fanbase for her unpublished novel while also catching a publisher’s attention.

The latter is a longshot, apparently.

“This method won’t be successful,” a source at Penguin Group told us. “In this day and age, you need an agent. We don’t just read stories off the street like that.”

Perhaps they should. The first week after posting her 100-odd fliers, the novice novelist was receiving phone calls from strangers and even a local photographer who offered to shoot the cover of “The Sweetest Mistake.” Her website received 130 views after she put up the fliers — not bad for an investment of 12 cents a flier.

“Park Slope is a community rich with writers, and the community here is supportive [to writers],” said Soberanis.

Still, some Park Slopers were confused about the lamppost fliers.

“One couple thought I was missing — you don’t usually see a picture of somebody on a flier unless somebody is,” the novelist said.

Virtually all of the fliers have been removed by the litter police, but don’t expect to see them gone for long.

“I’m probably gonna put them up again,” Soberanis stated.

But as they say in show business, never mind all that, Mrs. Lincoln — how was the play?

Well, judging from the first chapter available online, “The Sweetest Mistake” is no “Great Gatsby.”

“It’s a book about the ups and downs of life, and it explains why people do certain things,” Soberanis said. “It’s about how everything happens for a reason.”

Apparently, all you need is hope — and a good copy machine.

Marianne Soberanis holds a copy of her novel, “The Sweetest Mistake.” To promote the unpublished book, the Park Slope author has been posting fliers of herself all over the neighborhood.
Marianne Soberanis