Three women shot following celebration

Three shot

A gunman opened fire on a group of people on E. 39th Street on Aug. 15, wounding three women.

The victims said they were all outside the address, which is between Avenues I and J, at 4 am following a celebration when the unidentified suspect opened fire. The three victims sustained non-life threatening injuries to their arms, legs and buttocks, officials said.

Kettle conundrum

Two women choked a worker at a Kings Highway liquor store on Aug. 9 during a fight over the theft of a bottle of Kettle One vodka.

An employee said she was inside the store, which is between McDonald Avenue and E. 2nd Street, at 8:05 pm when one of the female suspects grabbed the bottle and secreted it into a bag.

When the worker followed her out, the two suspects attacked, police were told. They then smashed the bottle of booze on the sidewalk and ran off.

Mental menace

A 19-year-old was arrested for threatening a Midwood woman’s children and then showed his disdain for police by urinating in his cell at the 70th Precinct.

Officials said the suspect was charged with menacing and harassment after he threatened to kill his victim’s children during an altercation on E. 18th Street between Avenues K and L at 1 am.

Cops arrested the teen and brought him to the station, where he “urinated on the floor” according to court papers. He was then slapped with an additional charge of disorderly conduct.

Attacked on Flatlands

Two thugs jumped a 71-year-old man and robbed him on Flatlands Avenue during a brutal Aug. 12 altercation.

The victim told police he was walking down Flatlands Avenue between E. 46th and E. 47th streets at 1:30 pm when the suspects pushed him to the ground, leaving him with a small injury. They then fled with a small amount of property, police said.

Creeper feature

A thief entered a home on E. 15th Street on Aug. 4.

The victim, who lives between Avenue P and Kings Highway, said that the thief entered the home through a side window sometime after 1 pm. The victim said she wasn’t sure what had been taken.

Crawling inside

A burglar entered a Ralph Avenue home on Aug. 8 after crawling through an air conditioning vent, police said.

The 24-year-old tenant, who lives between Farragut and Glenwood roads, said the thief entered her home sometime after midnight, taking her cell phone and some electronics.

Front door man

A thief forced open the front door to a Kings Highway home on Aug. 10 where he swiped $900 in cash as well as some jewelry and electronics.

Cops were told that the thief entered the home, which is between E. 41st Street and Troy Avenue, sometime after 6 pm

More front door felonies

A fiend swiped $800 from an Avenue J home on Aug. 9 after forcing open the front door to the home.

A resident of the home, which is located between E. 34th and E. 35th streets, said the thief entered the address sometime after noon.

Bauble break-in

Over $2,000 in jewelry was removed from an Ocean Parkway home on Aug. 4, police said.

The thief crept into the fourth floor apartment, which is between Avenues R and S, sometime after 11 am through a window leading to the building’s fire escape.

A pearl necklace and a gold watch were among the items missing when the victim returned home.

Window woes

A thief made off with $100 and some electronics after breaking into an E. 49th Street home on Aug. 10.

Police were told the thief forced open the front window of the home, which is located between Avenues I and J, sometime after 2 pm.

Smashing steal

A heavy-handed thief punched his way through a window to an Avenue R home on Aug. 11 in order to get inside, police said.

The homeowner, who lives between Coleman and Kimball streets, said the thief broke the rear window sometime after 2:30 pm, crawled through the hole he had made and fled with some electronics and jewelry.

No entry

A thief tried his best to get inside an E. 58th Street home on Aug. 11, but was thwarted by a sturdy lock.

The resident, who lives across from Jacob Joffe Park between Avenues K and L, said he returned home at 3 pm and discovered that the front door lock was damaged. Whoever caused the damage never made it inside, cops were told.

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