Thugs attack man for cellphone

94th Precinct


Man attacked

Three thugs attacked and robbed a man on Bedford Avenue on Oct. 6.

The victim told police he was near N. Fourth Street at 9 pm when one of the men said, “Give me your phone.”

That’s when one goon hit the victim in the head, sending him to the ground. The trio hit him several more times, bruising his back, head, and arms, and cutting his right eye. They also stole his phone and the watch off of his wrist. The victim was taken to Woodhull Hospital.

Lost collateral

A cabbie drove off with a man’s belongings he left as collateral after explaining he needed to enter his apartment on Humboldt Avenue to get money on Oct. 4.

The victim said he took the cab to his home between Frost and Withers streets from Manhattan at 2 am. When they got to the apartment, he explained he needed to go upstairs to get his money. He left his MacBook, wallet, and various software as collateral.

When he got back, the cabbie was gone, and the victim did not know the license or medallion number.

No punching

Police arrested a 21-year-old man who they say punched a woman on Manhattan Avenue on Oct. 9 when she wouldn’t give him money to buy alcohol.

The victim said she was near Huron Street at 3 pm when a man who appeared drunk asked her for money to buy booze. When she refused, he punched her in the chin and took $10 out of her purse, she said.

When cops arrested him, they say he struggled, resisted arrest, and tried to kick out the cop car’s windows.


A rough trio attacked a 17-year-old on Lorimer Street on Oct. 12 after he refused to hand over his cellphone.

The victim said he was near Bedford Avenue at 10:20 pm when the three thugs demanded his phone. When he refused, one of the men punched him in the face, causing bruising to his left eye.

The boys continued to punch him until he was on the ground, then stole his backpack.

Devices yanked

A thief stole gadgets and cash from a Green Street apartment on Oct. 10.

The victim said he returned to his home between West and Franklin streets at 2 pm to find someone had broken in via his rear window and left with his MacBook, iPod, a gift card, and cash.

Jewel thieves

Two thieves clad in black robbed a Bedford Avenue jewelry store on Oct. 13.

A witness told police he heard a loud crash coming from the store between N. Fourth and N. Fifth streets at 6:10 am, and when he looked out his window that looks onto the store, he saw two men dressed in black coming out of the store and running toward Berry Street.

The owner later told police many items had indeed been stolen, and the cameras showed that the thieves were in the store for about 10 minutes that morning.

— Danielle Furfaro