Thugs beat up delivery man on E. 21st Street

61st Precinct

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Delivery man attacked

Two thugs beat up a Chinese food delivery man during a harrowing Jan. 28 robbery on E. 21st Street.

The victim told police that he was walking back to his car parked between Avenues U and V at 10:55 pm when the two men, who were wearing ski masks and dark clothing, came up and demanded his property.

The victim handed over $20, but that wasn’t good enough.

“We want more,” one of the suspects said before beating and kicking the victim — running off with $600, an assortment of credit cards, and the victim’s cellphone.

Attempted bag grab

Cops arrested two — the oldest 14, the youngest 12 — who they say tried to rob a woman in an E. 19th Street parking garage on Feb. 2.

The victim said she had just pulled into the garage between Jerome and Voorhies avenues at 6:25 pm and was getting out of her car when the little crooks ran up and began tugging at her purse strap.

A witness chased away the two youngsters — who cops say they later arrested.

iPhone grab

Two teens were arrested on Feb. 1 for swiping an iPod from a 15-year-old boy inside an Avenue U Rite Aid, police said.

The victim told cops that he had just entered the store near Ocean Avenue at 4:12 pm when the suspects accosted him.

“Give me your phone and there won’t be any problems,” one of the teens allegedly said.

The victim fell for the ruse and handed the smartphone to the teens, who cops arrested for robbery a short time later.

Samaritan slash

A knife-wielding thug slashed a man who tried to break up a fight between the thug and a woman on Celeste Court on Feb. 2.

The victim was trying to intervene in the blow out between Allen and Bijou avenues at 7:30 am when the suspect lashed out with his blade, catching the good Samaritan in the arm.

Home ransacked

A thief broke into an Avenue X apartment on Feb. 1, taking more than $5,000 in electronics and jewelry.

The victim said he left his home between E. 19th Street and Ocean Avenue at 10 pm. When he returned about 50 minutes later, he saw that the lock to his door had been forced.

AC crook

A thief tried to break into an Avenue Z home on Jan. 29, but ran off after his burglary was discovered.

The victim told police that he was sitting in his home near E. 12th Street at 2:40 pm when he heard a banging at his air conditioner sitting in the window. He went to investigate, and found that someone was trying to kick the air conditioner into the apartment in order to get inside.

But, now discovered, the thief fled the scene, and was seen running down the fire escape.

Car break-in

A thief broke into a car parked on E. 23rd Street on Feb. 3, taking an iPod and a pair of sunglasses.

The victim left his 2009 Honda between Quentin Road and Avenue R at 9:30 pm. When he returned at 9:30 am the next day, the front driverside window was broken and his cabin was ransacked.

Arsonist hits car

A crook broke into a 2009 Honda on E. 23rd Street back on Jan. 14, burning the car seats with a cigarette.

The victim, who didn’t report the theft until Feb. 4, said that he left his car between Avenue P and Quentin Road at 5 am.

When he returned 15 minutes later, the car had been forced open and the seats had been burned.

Suiting up

Someone broke into a 2007 Toyota parked on E. 28th Street on Feb. 2, taking three men’s suits and an assortment of clothes.

The victim told police that he left his car parked between Quentin Road and Avenue R at 10 pm. When he returned at 9 the next morning, the suits and clothes — which totaled $900 — were gone, though it didn’t appear that the car had been forced open.

— Thomas Tracy

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