Tie one on! Strong Rope Brewery opens Gowanus tap room

Tie one on! Strong Rope Brewery opens Gowanus tap room
Photo by Jordan Rathkopf

There is a new suds spot for those with a head for beer!

Brooklyn beer enthusiasts have a new place to toss back locally-made brews and discuss their favorite beverage with the opening of Strong Rope Brewery in Gowanus this week. The brewery and taproom is a no-frills haven for those who love a quality pint, said the head brewer and owner.

“This is a place focused on beer, on people coming and enjoying and talking about beer,” said Jason Sahler. “We’re really trying to push all the different things we can do with beer like tastings, pairings, talks, competitions The idea is to have a super beer-centric place.”

His new space keeps the focus on the beer, with just a 10-tap bar and simple tables and chairs for about 30 people. Eight of those 10 taps are reserved for Sahler’s own beers, which will not be available anywhere but his taproom. Sahler says that he has two reasons to keep the brews close to home: quality control, and giving them a personal touch.

“One, I like to present it how I want it presented, and if I send it out to other bars I can’t quite do that,” said Sahler. “And two, I just like to talk to people about it, so I can be here and say ‘This is what this beer is,’ and what we’re using in it and stuff.”

Tanks for the memories: Strong Rope brewery owner and head brewer Jason Sahler stands flanked by vessels of tasty beer that will later flow from the taps at the front of the brewery. He expects to produce 12–16 kegs each week.
Photo by Jordan Rathkopf

The former advertising man started brewing for fun in 2003, but only considered going pro after he won the Judge’s Award at the 2011 Brooklyn Wort home-brew competition with his “J.J Bollerack’s Big Brown Ale” — currently available in the tap room. A three-year search led him to the space on President Street, formerly occupied by the Brooklyn Brine pickle factory.

Strong Rope joins a brewery-heavy neighborhood, with Threes Brewing just four blocks away and Other Half Brewing Company on the other side of the Gowanus, but Sahler says he is not worried about the competition. Strong Rope focuses on American and British beer styles, while the other breweries have more of a concentration on hop-heavy India Pale Ales and Belgian-style farmhouse ales.

“Everyone has a little bit of a different focus, I think we’re going to have a good balance with the other breweries in terms of what we’re providing,” he said. “It’s a great location, everyone in Gowanus has been super supportive. I’m glad to be here and a part of the business community here.”

Strong Rope Brewery (574A President St., near Fourth Avenue, www.strongropebrewery.com). Open Thu–Sun, noon–10 pm.

Ale and hearty: Owner and head brewer Jason Sahler holds up a pint of pale ale he brewed at Strong Rope Brewery, opened this week in Gowanus.
Photo by Jordan Rathkopf

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