Traitor Joe! One day after big bust, thief hits grocery shopper

One day after cops arrested a purse-snatcher in a daring undercover sting at Trader Joe’s, another bandit plied his sick trade in the aisles of the trendy Court Street grocery store.

Cops said that a 37-year-old United Kingdom native was shopping on April 29 at around 11:30 am and left his wallet atop a baby stroller, which the English call “buggies.”

When the shopper’s attention was diverted, perhaps by Trader Joe’s value-priced bulk chocolate, the thief stole his bag, containing a wallet, $200, a British driver’s license and a Green Card.

The thief also rang up $90 in credit card purchases, buying Metrocards at a nearby station.

The latest crime at the much-targeted store at the corner of Atlantic Avenue came just one day after the arrest of a robber by a team of undercover officers, one of whom posed as an absent-minded shopper.

But those cops were onto other duties when this crime went down.

“What, do we have to go in every day?” asked one officer.

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