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Trump’s Muslim ban gets knickers in a twist

The West has become a sub-shariah bloc: Qatari investors want to ban American bars while Europe’s Muslim communities are self-segregated mini-caliphates. But our free-fall into Islamo-hell isn’t knotting our knickers nearly as much as Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigration, due to the threat of terrorism now exacerbated by the Islamic State’s ability to create fake Syrian passports.

The Constitution does not grant immigration rights to foreigners, and a moratorium makes complete sense at a time when radical Islamo-scums are coming here — legally and illegally — to live undetectably in our communities like Ossies and Harriets while plotting our demise:

• The San Bernadino terror wife entered the U.S. on a fiancee visa, appearing to be a model civilian until she aided in the slaughter of 14 Americans.

• One of the Paris attackers posed as a Syrian refugee to help shed the blood of 129 people, including an American.

• The 9-11 hijackers came on tourist and student visas to claim nearly 3,000 lives — most of them Americans — on our worst day.

Prominent Muslims crept out of the woodwork to dump on Trump — ex-boxer Muhammad Ali demanded we understand his religion while Hillary Clinton flack Huma Abedin proclaimed herself a “proud Muslim” instead of mounting a global Muslim counter-terrorism effort with other alleged non-radicals in return for enjoying complete religious freedom and inalienable civil rights in western lands. Muslims face less persecution in the free world than Jews — the most victimized folk here and in Europe — and less ridicule than Christians, who are derided as religious nutters on both sides of the ocean.

The maddened masses having a thrombosis over Trump’s proposal are the same ones not losing any sleep over Muslims burning the American flag, calling for “Death to America,” and abiding the Christian genocide and virulent anti-Semitism flourishing in the Muslim world.

Americans need more substantive measures to conquer the unprecedented moral challenges at this critical, historical juncture than utopian ideals that won’t exist or matter in an unprotected homeland.

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