Two Brooklyn hospitals announce effective merge

maimonides expansion
Maimonides Medical Center in Borough Park.
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Prior to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Maimonides Medical Center and New York Community Hospital announced plans to integrate in an effective merge that will eventually couple the two healthcare organizations to function as one.

As city hospitals are put to the test by the spread of the novel coronavirus, officials at both institutions told Brooklyn Paper that, looking ahead, the merger will make both institutions’ quality of care even stronger.

“Over time, as the two organizations integrate their operations, employees who work at the NYCH campus, the Maimonides campus, and other sites where care is delivered will increasingly function as part of a single integrated healthcare delivery network,” said Kenneth D. Gibbs, president and CEO of Maimonides Medical Center.

Maimonides Medical Center in Borough Park and New York Community Hospital in Midwood have been collaborating to provide clinical care to Brooklynites since 2018 and the healthcare organizations said forging this deeper partnership will allow them to more effectively deliver healthcare throughout the borough.

“It’s already happening. Over the next several months, NYCH and Maimonides will continue the process to reach a definitive agreement on terms for the integration, and develop a plan that strengthens existing services at the NYCH campus and creates new ones to meet the needs of the community,” Gibbs said.  

Patients at the two hospitals will have access to a wider range of care, as Maimonides operates as the borough’s largest hospital while NYCH specializes in acute care. Gibbs said Maimonides has also committed to enhancing services at NYCH. 

While Gibbs said there have not been discussions of a name change, they will possibly rebrand in order to inform the public of the merge. 

Board members for the two southern Brooklyn hospitals are still hammering out a definitive agreement to be sent for regulatory approval, which he expects will be granted sometime in the next year.