Two men, one woman, one fight

Party fouls

A fight over a woman at a popular Polish-American club ended in bloodshed when one would-be lover slashed another early on Aug. 9.

The fight began at around 2:40 am when two men were both seeking the affections of the same woman, cops said.

At some point, the argument turned violent, and one of the men cut the other, sending the victim to Bellevue Hospital, and the assailant out of the club to parts unknown.

Cops say their suspect is a party promoter who sometimes works at the club, which is on the corner of Meserole and Manhattan avenues.

Mom was right

A woman who brought home a stranger after meeting him at a Manhattan Avenue bar on Aug. 5, woke up the next morning to find her new lover gone — and thousands of dollars in electronics missing.

Centuries of maternal prophecies came true after the couple left the bar, which is between Freeman and Green streets, at around 3 am. The 36-year-old woman lost two laptops and a digital camera.

Burgling for apples

Thieves were hungry for apples — make that Apples — last week. Here’s a roundup:

• On Aug. 8, at 5:30 am, a burglar broke into an apartment on Broome Street between McGuinness Boulevard and Humboldt Street, and left with an iPod and an Apple laptop, plus a digital camera.

• A like-minded thief made his way into an apartment on Wythe Avenue between North Eighth and North Ninth streets, leaving with an Apple iBook and a digital camera from the 26-year-old man who lived there.

• On Aug. 7, an apartment on Lorimer Street between Nassau and Norman avenues, was also broken into — and the thief got another Apple laptop and cameras. The 26-year-old victim’s girlfriend discovered the missing items after he left for work, at around 10 am.

• A burglar broke into a Guernsey Street apartment sometime between 6:30 am and 8:30 pm on Aug. 5, taking an Apple computer, a DVD player, a fancy watch, sunglasses and a black bike from the 29-year-old man who lived in the unit, which is between Norman and Nassau avenues.

• It wasn’t a computer, but an iPod was stolen from a home on Humboldt Street. The 30-year-old resident of the apartment, which is between Nassau and Driggs avenues, also lost a wallet, cards, cash and a South Carolina drivers license in the Aug. 8 burglary.

Clean pick

A pickpocket snatched a young woman’s wallet aboard a Canarsie-bound L train on Aug. 4.

The victim told cops that she boarded the train in Manhattan and didn’t notice that she’d been robbed until she got off the train at the popular Bedford Avenue station at North Fifth Street at around 9:30 pm.

Closer inspection, though, revealed the missing billfold, which contained cards and cash.

— Allison Bosworth

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