Upset at graffiti? You would!

Upset at graffiti? You would!
Photo by Dan MacLeod

Park Slopers are confused by a slew of graffiti tags popping up along Seventh Avenue with a cryptic message: You would.

With no name or artistic flourishes, the slogan doesn’t fall under the category of traditional graffiti — except that it’s everywhere: in the F train at Seventh Avenue, on a construction fence on Eighth Avenue and 14th Street, on a traffic control box on Seventh Avenue and 12th street, and painted on a rock on 14th street near Seventh Avenue.

The tag was also seen in Williamsburg, but the phenomenon seems to be centered in the Slope.

It’s not the most eye-catching thing, but there is something about the phrase — “You would” — that has Brooklynites scratching their heads.

“I’ll bet it’s a phrase that this particular person says a lot, so he thought he’d write it,” offered Salvayon.

Chris Conti, who saw the scrawl inside the Seventh Avenue subway station, had a somewhat more philosophical take.

“I feel like it’s him saying that whatever I think it means, he would say, ‘You would think that.’”

Perhaps that’s the point. After all, no Park Sloper could say with any certainty what the phrase meant.

“It’s a very deep question,” said Seth Wischik. “Nothing comes to mind; it’s like a blank. Depends on where it is. It depends on context.”

Many jaded commuters just wish the artist had come up with something a little more interesting.

“Maybe that’s all he could think of,” said Tom Miskel.

He would say that.

The “You Would” tagger even hit the Seventh Avenue subway station.
Photo by Dan MacLeod