Video villains raid gaming store

They got game

Gun-toting thieves raided a Rockaway Parkway video game store, taking $900, as well as something to keep their X-Box 360 busy.

Workers said the thieves barged into the store, which is between Glenwood Road and Conklin Avenue, at 7:15 pm, holding up the clerk behind the counter.

They emptied the register, as well as a shelf or two of games, before running off, police said.

Surrounded and robbed

A crew of teenage thieves surrounded a young man found on E. 103rd Street on Oct. 5, taking his phone and iPod.

The boy was on Avenue J at 7 pm when the thieves surrounded him and attacked, leaving him with bruises to his face and head. One of the thieves was arrested shortly after the theft.

Burglar bust

A thief tried to break into the UPS depot on Foster Avenue on Oct. 9 — but was nabbed before he could breach their first line of defense.

Workers said that the 21-year-old thief threw a carpet over the barbed wire fence lining the depot at 5 am, but didn’t pack his invisibility cloak — a building security guard saw him, nabbed him and held him for the police, who charged him with criminal mischief and possession of burglar’s tools.

iPod pounce

Cops have nabbed a 19-year-old for an attack on a young teen and his mother during a bloody Sept. 20 altercation on E. 108th Street.

Police said that the thief approached the teen at 8 am, demanding his iPod. When the teen refused, the thief tried to take the music player by force, but was pushed out of the way.

The thug then grabbed broken bottle and threatened the teen, but by then the boy’s mother had intervened.

Police said the thug slashed at the two, cutting the teen’s mother in the ear — leaving her with a cut that needed 11 stitches.

When detectives from the 69th Precinct caught up with the thief this week, he was charged with attempted robbery in the first degree, assault and menacing, police said.

Furniture fiends

Thieves broke into the Furniture Center on Flatbush Avenue on Oct. 8, taking an unknown amount of property.

Workers at the store, which is between Kings Highway and Flatlands Avenue, said someone forced their way into a rear window sometime after 8 pm.

Car break-in

A thief forced open a car parked by the new Walgreens at the corner of Utica and Flatlands avenues on Oct. 11, taking a navigation system.

The car was sitting in the pharmacy’s lot at 8 pm when it was broken into, cops were told.

Masked menace

A man in a ski mask held up a 32-year-old woman in Mill Basin on Oct. 10, taking her cash and cellphone.

The woman was walking down E. 53rd Street at 12:30 am when the thief grabbed her and pulled a gun. He then grabbed her belongings and ran off, police said.

Livery looting

A crew of thugs robbed a cabbie as he drove them through Canarsie on Oct. 2.

The cab driver told police he was supposed to pick up just one person at 11 pm, but four men jumped in the car.

When the cabbie took them past the corner of E. 98th Street and Avenue N, one of the thugs pulled a gun, forcing him to hand over his cash.

The thieves went the rest of the way on foot with the victim’s $48, officials said.

Cash scam

Two flimflam artists swindled $10,000 from a 78-year-old woman on Sept. 29 during a classic “found money” scam.

The senior was walking on Avenue U near E. 65th Street at 9:40 am when the charlatans approached, wanting to know if she had dropped a bag they found on the sidewalk.

The thieves claimed there was money in the bag, which they were willing to share, as long as the senior forked over some money as an act “of good faith.”

The senior fell for the ploy, giving the thieves the $10,000, but receiving nothing in return.

Stick assault

A punk attacked a 13-year-old boy with a stick on Sept. 28 during a violent exchange in a Flatbush Avenue eatery.

The victim was dining inside the restaurant, which is between Kings Highway and Flatlands Avenue, at 3:50 pm when he got into an argument with the unidentified thug.

Things quickly turned violent when the thug grabbed a stick and started swinging, leaving his victim with a small injury.

Lock breaker

A thief snapped the lock to an Avenue J home on Sept. 28, taking an assortment of pricey items.

The victim left her home, which is between E. 38th and E. 39th streets, at 7:35 am. When she returned several hours later, she realized that someone had broken the lock and ransacked the place.

Help wipe out graffiti

As the ongoing war against graffiti vandalism continues, cops are offering a $500 reward to anyone with information that can help them arrest neighborhood vandals.

The hefty reward is part of the city’s ongoing push to rid New York of graffiti, the leading quality of life complaint brought to police.

Anyone with information about graffiti vandalism in their neighborhood is urged to contact either 311 or 911.