Wacko brought loaded gun to pet store

A crazed madman burst into a Sheepshead Bay pet-grooming shop last Wednesday and pulled a .40-caliber handgun on one of the workers — but was subdued before any shots were fired.

Employees at Full Pet Services, on Avenue X near E. 23rd Street, were taking their lunch break when cops said that the crazed man, Yevgeniy Novik, 48, burst into the shop and confronted groomer Andrey Zubanov.

“The guy started arguing with Andrey — and there were some nasty words,” said receptionist Anna Fill. “[Novik] told him to be quiet and Andrey told him not to talk to him like that.”

The argument, which was only one episode in what has been an ongoing dispute between the men, died down and Novik left the shop, only to return quickly — this time with a gun, police said.

“They went in the backyard, I heard screaming, and then he pulled a gun on Andrey and tried to load it,” Fill said.

Zubanov proved to be the stronger of the two men, apparently disarming Novik of his .40-caliber and a knife in his pocket, and detaining him until police arrived.

“Andrey knocked him down and took the gun away from him,” Fill said. “We locked it away. He asked for the gun back, but we obviously didn’t give it back to him.”

By the time the cops arrived, Novik had reverted back to his feisty mood, requiring the might of six officers before he was subdued, according to Fill.

Police not only detained Novik, but logged his .40-caliber pistol and pocket knife as evidence.

“He is a nasty guy,” Fill said.

Novik has been charged with multiple offenses including: harassment, menacing, attempted assault, assault, criminal possession and resisting arrest.

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