Who cares about love? Valentine’s Day is all about chocolate

Who cares about love? Valentine’s Day is all about chocolate

So what if Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday that reeks of consumerism, consumption and superficiality? If you’ve got a sweetheart, it’s a perfectly appropriate excuse to have a nice, romantic dinner and celebrate, you know, the birds and the bees. But more importantly, significant other or no significant other, it’s a day to honor, appreciate and revel in the most coveted, most delectable, most desirable thing in world. No, not love. Dessert. On Valentine’s Day, sweets take center stage, and you’re allowed — nay, encouraged — to eat them with reckless abandon. Here are a few of our absolute favorite sweet treats for your Valentine — even if you’re your own!

Jacques Torres heart-shaped I Love U puzzles

These chocolates have the delicious hallmark of being Jacques Torres, Brooklyn’s patron saint of chocolate, without being too cutesy-kitschy-Valentine’s Day. And whatever your sweetheart’s tastes may be — dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate — these treats cover all the bases (their puzzle pieces are mix and match).

Valentine’s Day sugar cookies from Amy’s Cookies in Sunset Park.

I Love U chocolate puzzle at Jacques Torres [66 Water St. between Main and Dock streets in DUMBO, (718) 875-1269]. For info, visit www.mrchocolate.com.

Amy’s Cookies

This Sunset Park bakery totes out-of-this-world sugar cookies that fit the Valentine’s Day bill, whether you buy into the hype, or are just looking for a small, subtle treat for your sweetie. Try the Amy O’s, heart-shaped, chocolate-dipped sandwich cookies with fillings that include dark chocolate, espresso ganache or coffee liqueur buttercream; or a selection of buttery sugar cookies decked out in pink, white and red frosting. The best part? You can mix and match!

Amy’s Cookies [225 34th St. between Fourth and Fifth avenues in Sunset Park, (718) 797-1513]. For info, visit www.amyscookies.com.

A Liddabit Sweets “Slurtle” with beer, caramel, pretzels, potato chips and dark chocolate.

Peter Pan Donuts

Stop right there — we know what you’re thinking: Donuts are not an appropriate Valentine’s Day gift because, well, they’re donuts. Yes, they are donuts, but they’re also the most decadent and delectable sweet treat you can find this side of the West River. And let us tell you, if our special someone showed up with a box full of Peter Pan’s famous white cream filled donuts with pink frosting and white sprinkles, or a half-dozen of those devilishly good red velvets filled with buttercream, we’d be speechless — in a good way.

Peter Pan Donuts [727 Manhattan Ave. between Norman and Meserole avenues in Greenpoint, (718) 389-3676].

Kumquat Cupcakery

These itty bitty cupcakes are bite sized and perfectly proportioned; the cake to frosting ratio is just right. And with flavor combinations such as lemon cake topped with lavender frosting, banana cake topped with peanut butter frosting and honey drizzle, coffee cake with caramel bourbon frosting, maple cinnamon cake with vanilla frosting and a slab of bacon, who says chocolate gets to have all the fun on Valentine’s Day?

Peter Pan Donuts in Greenpoint.
Stefano Giovannini

Kumquat Cupcakery at the Brooklyn Flea [One Hanson Pl. at Flatbush Avenue in Downtown, (718) 783-5437]. For info, visit www.kumquatcupcakery.com.

Liddibit Sweets

Yes, plain dark chocolate can really do the trick on particularly sexy occasions such as Valentine’s Day, but why neglect other sweet treats that can be just as wickedly delicious? How about a Liddibit Sweets peanut butter and jelly candy bar, or a “slurtle” with beer, caramel, pretzels, potato chips and dark chocolate?

Liddibit Sweets at Greene Grape Provisions [753 Fulton St. at South Portland Avenue in Fort Greene, (718) 233-2700. For info, visit www.liddabitsweets.com.

Kumquat Cupcakery at the Brooklyn Flea.
Stefano Giovannini