Who stole this dog?

Who stole this dog?
Have you seen Sugar? She disappeared during the blizzard on Wednesday and hasn’t been seen since — but someone may have dognapped her.

Who stole Sugar?

During the peak of this week’s snowpocalypse, someone pilfered Drucie Belman’s bulldog — a dastardly deed that ruined what was an enjoyable snow day in Prospect Park.

On Wednesday morning at around 10 am, Belman, her two kids, and their beloved bulldog were enjoying the winter wonderland and were heading out of the park near the tunnels leading towards Grand Army Plaza.

That’s where Sugar wrangled loose from the loving arms of Belman’s 7-year-old son and took off, not looking back.

“We just moved back from Hong Kong — Sugar had never seen the snow before,” Belman explained. “She was so excited that she ran into the woods and that was it. … She doesn’t have any recall ability!”

But that was only the beginning — an opportunistic creep apparently swiped Sugar, and is holding her ransom.

“I got a phone call at 2:30 pm when were were still in the park looking for her,” Belman said. “The person on the other end asked, ‘How much you want for the dog, How much do you want for her, lady?”

Belman, stunned, offered $50. Seconds later, she realized she would pay $500.

Most maddeningly, Belman missed a second call two hours later from a blocked number — one she assumes was the dognapper. But some of the blame goes to AT&T.

“Damn frozen iPhone!” said Belman.

The caller left no voicemail message.

Since then, radio silence.

Now Belman has enlisted the help of FIDO (Fellowship in Interest of Dogs and their Owners), the dog owners’ group that has put the word out about the alleged dognapping.

Belman has also reported the crime to the 78th Precinct, though she is skeptical that any detectives have been assigned to the case.

This dognapping case comes in the wake of the shocking incident earlier this week in Park Slope when a thug stole the doggy coat right off a dog’s back while his owner bought milk in the Ace Supermarket on Seventh Avenue.

For now, Belman nervously awaits another phone call.

“Every time my phone rings, I hope its the criminal,” Belman said, frantically adding. “Where is Sugar, though? Why hasn’t anyone called?”

If you spot Sugar, the missing and allegedly dognapped bulldog, call (347) 603-2016 or (718) 622-3833 and for Drucie Belman.

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