Wicked Spoon, indeed! Yogurt place tops yours with chocolate-covered crickets

Alex Rozhitsky has opened Wicked Spoon, which sells wicked frozen yogurt in Park Slope. Toppings include the usual stuff, plus chocolate-covered crickets!
Photo by Kristen V. Brown

Jeepers creepers! Wicked Spoon, Park Slope’s new frozen yogurt joint, is offering fro-yo lovers a few more exotic toppings to go with their cherries and chocolate sauce — chocolate-covered crickets.

“It’s a little crunchy,” said owner Alex Rozhitsky, who said the store has sold dozens of cricket-topped frozen yogurts since the store opened last Saturday. Luckily, the critters taste more like chocolate than insect. Better yet, they come with an “I Ate a Bug Club” pin.

Rozhitsky is banking on more than just exotic eats to draw folks to his shop for a $3.25 regular serving ($5.50 with the specialty chirping topping).

“The first time I had Pink Berry, I was totally obsessed,” said Rozhitsky, a former interactive food marketer. “But everyone just copies the big boys. I knew I could offer better, more interesting frozen yogurt.”

With toppings like wasabi peas, banana flambé sauce, Jacques Torres chocolate-covered Cheerios, and the aforementioned chocolate covered crickets, Wicked Spoon’s toppings are clearly the draw. Of course, there’s the prerequisite chocolate sauce and chopped fruit for fro-yo traditionalists, too.

Rozhitsky has big plans for the store, including introducing a new topping every month — August is chocolate-covered bacon — and opening two more stores within the next year. Also on the horizon is an iPhone app and an iPad giveaway for customers who suggest innovative ideas for the store.

There may yet be more bugs, too.

“Crickets could be just the beginning,” said Rozhitsky.

Photo by Kristen V. Brown

Wicked Spoon [321 Ninth St. between Fifth and Sixth avenues in Park Slope, (646) 335-2890].

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