Woman car jacked outside of Delmar Pizza

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Car swipe

A woman swiped an idling car on Sheepshead Bay Road on Nov. 2 — dragging the car’s owner for a short distance as she made her escape.

The 24-year-old victim double parked her 2010 Nissan Maxima outside of Delmar Pizza between Jerome and Voorhies avenues at 8:36 pm to get a slice of pizza. As she made her order, the thief, described as a woman in her 30s, jumped into the vehicle and tried to drive off with it.

The victim ran over and grabbed the suspect through the car window, only to be dragged down the street as the thief motored off.

Bad education

Cops arrested a 16-year-old Sheepshead Bay High School student who they say stabbed a classmate with a lead pencil during an argument on Oct. 25.

Witnesses said the victim, who is 14, was arguing with the teenage thug at 9:30 pm when the suspect grabbed the pencil and jammed it into the younger boy’s stomach. When the pencil was removed, its lead tip remained inside the wound, paramedics said.

School officials held the would-be pencil pusher for cops, who charged the 16-year-old with assault.

Vuitton vixen

A thief reached into a 2011 Honda parked on Emmons Avenue on Nov. 5, taking a Louis Vuitton purse inside.

The victim left her purse in her boyfriend’s car when he parked it near E. 22nd Street at 8:30 pm — but mistakenly left a window ajar.

When the couple returned to the vehicle several hours later, her bag was gone.

Blake raid

A crook broke into a Blake Court home on Nov. 6, taking an assortment of jewelry, video games, and an iPhone 4.

The victim left his home between E. 11th and E. 12th streets at 1:30 pm. When he returned an hour later, he realized that someone had smashed in his basement window.

Wrong move

A gun-toting drunk driver ended up in the slammer on Nov. 6 after he sideswiped an NYPD patrol car on Emmons Avenue, police said.

Police said the 40-year-old suspect was driving a 2011 Ford pick up between Bragg and Brigham streets, outside the Lighthouse Inn, when he sideswiped the police car.

He then sped off, but surrendered after a several block chase. Cops say that when they apprehended him, he admitted to having a loaded gun locked in vehicle’s center console.

Passat pinch

A thief broke into a Volkswagen Passat parked on Avenue S on Nov. 5, taking two Apple laptops and $180.

The owner of the car parked his vehicle near E. 16th Street at 9 pm. When he returned to it at 7:30 the next evening, the passenger side window was busted and his cabin was looted.

Vicious valet

An armed thug held up a 21-year-old motorist on E. 13th Street on Nov. 6 — while the victim was driving his car in traffic.

The victim, a resident of Avenue M, was coming to a stop near Kings Highway at 10:35 pm when the suspect ran up to the car, threw open the passenger door and jumped inside. The thug forced his victim to pull over, then flashed a gun, demanding his property.

“I will blow your head off,” the thug said before running off with $400 and the victim’s Blackberry.

Tire swipe

A thief snagged three of four tires from a 2008 Infiniti parked on E. 22nd Street on Nov. 6.

The victim left his car parked between Avenues S and T at 5 pm. When he returned at 7 the following morning, it was teetering on one wheel.

Cash and carry

A burglar busted into an E. Ninth Street home on Nov. 7, taking $2,100.

The owner of the home near Avenue U left for the day at 8 am. When he returned at 7 pm, he found that his home had been looted. Police believe that the thief entered through a rear door.

Car break-in bust

Cops apprehended a 17-year-old who they say was caught rummaging through a car on Batchelder Street on Nov. 7.

A cop said he was walking between Avenues T and U at 10 pm when he spotted the thief enter a parked Toyota. When the cop intervened, the teen said he didn’t take anything and ran off — only to be apprehended by police near the corner of Haring Street and Avenue T.

Wild ride

A black Dodge Charger clipped a 44-year-old woman on Avenue P on Nov. 7 — leaving her hospitalized.

The driver, identified as a blonde woman, banked into her victim near E. Fourth Street at 8:30 am, but never stopped to see if the pedestrian was seriously injured.

iPad snatch

A thief broke into a Bedford Avenue apartment on Oct. 30, taking an iPad, an iPod, and several credit cards.

The tenants of the sixth floor apartment near Avenue T were asleep at 5:30 pm when the thief crept in through the front door and ran off with the iloot.

— Thomas Tracy

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