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Workplace un-safety

Biz bash

Several dastardly duos ran wild in Park Slope last week, hitting at least three locations. Here are the scary details.

• The reign of terror began on Oct. 13, when two women entered a Seventh Avenue shoe store, and one asked to use the bathroom. While the first perp was pretending to seek relief, the second perp went behind the counter and stole an employee’s bag. The pair then used the pilfered credit cards to go on a $591 shopping spree near the store, which is between Second and Third streets.

• Three days later, a man in a yellow jacket entered a tax return service on Fifth Avenue at around 12:30 pm, stole a fancy cellphone and left. Cops tracked the smartphone to the corner of Seventh Avenue and Lincoln Place, but the perp finally turned off the device.

• The scariest of the workplace robberies came on Oct. 18, when three men in their late 30s stormed into the Cohen’s Fashion Optical on Seventh Avenue at around 2:40 pm and announced a stickup.

“Get on the floor and don’t move!” one of the men yelled while his accomplices stole 70 pairs of frames.

Head to A/C

At least two apartments were burglarized by thieves who pushed in an air-conditioner unit to gain access.

In the 12th Street case, the thief entered sometime between 11 am and 6:30 pm on Oct. 11. He left the unit, which is near Prospect Park West with jewelry and a laptop computer.

Three days later, a perp entered an apartment on Fifth Avenue near Berkeley Place between 1 and 3 pm to steal jewelry and electronics valued at more than $6,000.

Pool brawl

A woman was beaten up in a fight at the Ocean 11 pool hall on Flatbush Avenue on Oct. 13, but she was too drunk to give police a good account of what happened.

The woman did tell cops that she got into an argument with a man with dreadlocks at around 2 am inside the late-night billiard parlor, which is near Seventh Avenue. And swelling around her face indicated that the dispute became physical at some point.

But beyond that, who knows? “Victim was intoxicated and uncooperative,” the police report said.

Daisy chain

A man whose wallet was stolen while he was dining at Daisy’s Diner on Fifth Avenue on Oct. 16 ended up helping cops nab the two perps later in the evening.

The fun started at around 2 am, when the 34-year-old diner diner was contacted by his credit card company and told that someone had just rung up more than $300 in charges at two nearby stores.

The victim immediately went to one of the stores, a 7-11 at the corner of Ninth Street, and was informed by a witness that two men had just been there.

When the victim went back to the diner, the two men were there. He called cops, who quickly moved in and collared the slow-moving perps.

The credit cards were recovered.

Light wheels

Only two vehicles were reported stolen in Park Slope this week — a minor miracle in a neighborhood known for car theft.

• A thief swiped a motorcycle off Union Street sometime between 1:30 am on Oct. 10 and 10 am on Oct. 11, when its owner returned to the spot between Fourth and Fifth avenues to find it gone.

• A Pennsylvania man with a vanity plate had his fancy Pontiac convertible stolen off Sixth Avenue on Oct. 16. He told cops that he left the car, with the license plate ANGELO2, near Fourth Avenue, at 7:30 am and sought to use it at 3:30 pm.

— Gersh Kuntzman

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