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You’ll have a wheely good time at the biking PSA film festival

Here’s one filmmaking competition that really is on a roll.

Those bike-loving activists at Transportation Alteratives have put their grant money where their mouths are to sponsor an evening of public service announcements about proper bike etiquette that will appeal to both cyclists and the drivers who hate them.

One film will go on to become the “Crying Indian” ad of bicycle commuting.

“This won’t be the last time you see some of these PSAs,” said Wiley Norvell, the Transportation Alternatives spokesman. “We wanted to do more with our ‘Biking Rules’ campaign than just hand out materials.”

One highlight of the Nov. 17 festival is Kelly Sebastian’s “Leading Lady,” an Italian-influenced piece about a sexy woman who forgets her helmet and has a bad commute, but then remembers it the next day and meets a hunky fellow bi-wheeler. It’s no coincidence.

But the most gripping PSA might be Ma Shumin’s “Red Light,” in which a biker made out of Lego goes through a red light and is promptly flattened by a truck (pictured).

“It’s effective in a way that a good PSA should be,” said Norvell. “For bikers, seeing the Lego man get bashed to pieces is like a smoker seeing a PSA of a smoker’s lung. The goal is to change behavior here and sometimes you do it with something graphic. Plus, we all love Legos.”

Biking public service announcements at Brooklyn Academy of Music [30 Lafayette Ave. near St. Felix Street in Fort Greene, (718) 636-4100], 7 pm, Nov. 17. Tickets are $11. For info, visit www.bikingrules.org.

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