Crook nab $1,600 worth of electrical wire

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Wire Weasel

A bandit nabbed 90 feet of electrical wire from the meter room of a W. 33rd street public housing complex on Jan. 14. 

Employees told police that the thieves got into the room between Bayview and Neptune avenues at around 3:30 am and stole $1,600 worth of wiring. 

Tool thief

A crook nabbed tools and copper wire from a boiler room of a W. 33rd Street public housing complex on Jan 14. 

The victim told police he had locked his toolbox before leaving the boiler room between Bayview and Neptune avenues at around 3:15 am, but returned to find the toolbox opened with his items missing. 

Fast food vandal

Ruffians vandalized a permanently-closed fast food restaurant on Surf Avenue on Jan. 14.

Police said the brutes ripped the front door off the hinges and broke glass at the location at the intersection of W. 12th Street which they discovered at around 1 am.