Cad jumps female straphanger at gunpoint

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Phone filch 

A gun-wielding bandit stole a woman’s cell phone at Kings Highway subway station on Nov. 27. 

The victim told police that the cad pointed a firearm at her chest inside the station between W. Seventh and W. Eighth streets at around 7:50 am and forced her to unlock the phone, before grabbing it and running off.

On the house 

A crook took his car from a Cropsey Avenue auto body shop without paying for the services on Nov. 20. 

An employee told police that the good-for-nothing drove his car off the property between Hart Place and Neptune Avenue at around 5:25 am without paying the $2,249 that he owed. 

Coworker crook

A purloiner stole belongings from the employee bathroom at a Neptune Avenue bodega on Nov. 28. 

The victim told police the lout snagged his wallet and jacket from his work between W. 17th and W.19th streets at around 11:55 am, before spending more than $200 using his ill-gotten debit card.