Gang of good-for-nothings mug man on E. 18th Street



Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend


Three good-for-nothings mugged a man of $300 on E. 18th Street on Jan. 26. 

The victim told police that three savages hit him with a metal bats near Avenue V around 11:35 pm, and stole his money.


A sneak unsuccessfully tried to steal lingerie from an E. 15th Street store on Feb. 1. 

The victim told police that she tried to stop the shoplifter from leaving the store at the intersection of Avenue P around 3 pm, but the thief dropped the clothes and ran off.

Scooter swipers

Police arrested three knife-wielding suspects who allegedly stole two scooters from helpless victims on Avenue Z on Feb. 2. 

The victim told police the suspects allegedly hijacked the scooters near E. 12th Street at around 1:50 am and fled toward Sheepshead Bay subway station. 

Police arrested the suspects at Ocean Parkway and Brighton Beach avenue after they boarded the Coney Island-bound Q train.