Knave robs man with a knife in Sheepshead Bay



Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Knife knave

A pillager mugged a man and threatened him with a knife on E. 26th Street on April 9.

The victim told police the brigand approached him on the corner of Avenue V around 1 pm and said “it’s a bad day” before brandishing the knife and then fleeing in a white Jeep.

Lotto losers

Crooks snagged more than $3,000 in lotto tickets from an Avenue X store on April 6. 

The store owner told police the thieves entered through the front door of the store at the intersection of W. Second Street at around 4 am, before grabbing the tickets and fleeing.

Thirsty thieves

Bandits broke into an Avenue U store and stole $650 from the cash register on April 7. 

A store employee told police that the villain smashed the glass on the front door at the intersection of Ocean Avenue around 7:40 pm and snagged an energy drink before fleeing.