62nd Precinct: Bottle-swinging baddies

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Bottle-swinging baddies

A pair of baddies allegedly attacked a man on Avenue P on Nov. 27.

Police said the victim was walking to his parked car near McDonald Avenue at 9:05pm when the two suspects approached him. One swung a bottle at the victim’s head, which he blocked with his hand. The second suspect pulled a knife, then punched the victim in the face before running off with his buddy.

The victim called the police, who spotted two men who looked like the alleged attackers nearby and arrested them. 

Bandit steals double-parked car

Some bandit stole a Volkswagen double-parked on 19th Avenue on Nov. 23.

The victim told p0lice he parked his vehicle with the keys in the ignition near 85th Street just after 5pm while he cashed a check a few steps away. As he walked out of the store, he saw a man in a black jacket hop into the driver’s seat, rev the engine, and take off toward Shore Parkway. Officers searched the area for the stolen car without success.

Larceny comes to light

A jerk stole two rented light towers sometime between Nov. 4 and 14.

Cops said the victim — a city employee – rented the two large outdoor lights and set them up at the corner of Shore Parkway and Bay 8th Street on Nov. 4. He left the lights be — but when he returned to the intersection early on Nov. 14, he realized both were gone, taken by an unseen bandit. 

Pickpocket targets sleeping straphanger

A pickpocket stole from a sleeping subway rider near the 20th Avenue station on Nov. 22.

The victim said he boarded a southbound D train midtown Manhattan in the very wee hours of morning and headed home to southern Brooklyn. On the ride, he fell asleep — and when he woke up at the station near 86th Street, he realized his phone was missing from his pants pocket. There was no one around the victim when he woke up, he said, and the incident was not captured on camera.

Pizza rats

Some rat broke into an 18th Avenue pizza restaurant on Nov. 26.

Police said a couple of perps went behind the pizza joint near New Utrecht Avenue and popped the screen and security bars off a window, then slipped inside. They then smashed open the cash register and stole $710 in cash and part of the register itself and exited back through the busted back window.