62nd Precinct: Thief steals box of wine from Bath Beach delivery truck

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Financial ruh-roh

An unknown thief stole from a Bath Beach man on Jan 31. 

According to police, the victim was taking an online financial course. Later on, two men contacted him offering him a chance to make money on the stock market. They instructed him to download a few apps including Cashapp and crypto.com which gave them access to his bank account. They then made multiple transactions totaling $21, 770.


A thirsty burglar stole from a delivery truck parked on Shore Parkway and Bay 38th Street on Jan. 30.

The victim told police he was making a delivery. He returned to his truck at 1:30 p.m. to find an unknown thief stealing property from a side door. The thief ran to the back of the parking lot but police could not find them. 

The victim said the package stolen was a box of Pinot Grigio wine. 

Uber scam

Someone stole from a man in Bensonhurst near 70th Street and 14th Avenue on Jan. 31.

Police said at 7 a.m. the victim got a call from someone claiming to be a representative with Uber customer service. The victim then entered debit card information in Uber wallet as the person on the phone instructed. 

The unknown scammer made off with $2,233.

Breaking orders

A burglar ransacked an apartment on 67th Street and 18th Avenue on Feb. 2.

According to police, the two victims returned to the apartment at 7 p.m. to find the door kicked in. The place was ransacked with minor damage to her drawer. One of the victims has an active order of protection against the person cops decided to be responsible. 


A thief stole items from a car on 77th Street and 19th Avenue on Jan. 31.

The victim told police she left her vehicle legally parked and unattended at 11 p.m. when an unknown thief took all four of her rims and tires totaling $2,000.