Bruiser slashes man during brutal robbery

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Slash ‘n’ dash

A brute slashed a man in the face during a violent robbery on 20th Avenue on Sept. 4.

The victim told police that the lout cut him on his left cheek with a knife on the corner of Bay Ridge Avenue on Sept. 4, before stealing $700 and running off.

Pipe down

Cops cuffed a man for allegedly smacking his boss with a pipe on McDonald Avenue on Aug. 31.

The victim told police that the defendant allegedly picked up a metal pipe and repeatedly smacked him in the torso inside the bodega by Avenue O at 10:55 am. 

First responders rushed the victim to Coney Island Hospital for treatment of his bruises, and arrested the suspect. 

Knife knave

Police arrested a man for allegedly slashing a stranger in the back on Shore Parkway on Sept. 6.

The victim told police that he was walking down the street near Bay Parkway at 4:40 pm when the suspect allegedly cut him in the back with a knife, without saying anything. 

Cops caught up with the suspect shortly after and arrested him.

Beat it!

A sneak thief nabbed 39 Beats by Dre headphones from an 18th Avenue department store on Sept. 1.

An employee told police that the beats bandit snagged the pricey headphones — worth $6,434 in total — from the store near 64th Street at 11 am, before driving off in a black Chevrolet.