Cops cuff two men for alleged shovel attack


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

What a tool!

Cops arrested two men for allegedly smacking another man and assaulting him with a shovel on Bay 41st Street on Feb. 2.

The victim told police that he got into a shouting match over a parking spot with the one defendant at the corner of Benson Avenue at 7:48 pm, when the suspect allegedly smacked the victim in the face with the shovel and his co-conspirator punched him.

Police showed up to the scene and arrested both suspects, according to police reports. 

Piggy back ride!

Cops cuffed a man with felony assault charges after he allegedly jumped on the back of an officer trying to arrest him on Bay 26th Street on Feb 1.

The police victim told his fellow Boys in Blue that he was attempting to cuff the 41-year-old suspect when he  jumped on the back of the cop between Benson Avenue and 86th Street just before 10 pm.

The officer struggled to cuff him and suffered upper back pain, according to police reports. 

Scratch ‘n’ dash

Two thieves stole more than $9,000 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets from a Kings Highway bodega on Feb. 4.

An employee told police that the looters nabbed the display case containing all the lottery tickets from the store by W. 10th Street at 4:45 pm and fled in a black Honda.

Gym rat

A bandit broke into a man’s gym locker on 86th Street and stole his wallet on Feb. 3.

The victim told police that the sneak thief broke into his locked locker inside the gym near 20th Avenue and took his wallet containing $120, his driver’s license, and his credit card, which the bandit used at a GameStop.