Pirate steals tires from car in Bath Beach


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach


A bandit stole four wheels and tires off a car on 21st Avenue on May 1.

The victim told police that the thief nabbed the goods, worth a total of $1,500, off his car parked on 21st Avenue and 21st Drive sometime between 11 am and 2 pm.

Bodega burglar

A pirate stole cash from an Avenue U food store on May 2.

An employee told police that he saw video footage of a six-foot-tall man wearing a mask over his face break into the store between W. Seventh and W. Eighth streets at around 2 am and nab the cash from the cash register before running away. 

Gone fishin’

A burglar snagged four rims and two fishing poles from a car on 77th Street on April 25.

The victim told police that the thief took the items from his car parked between 20th and 21st avenues at around 2 pm. 

Checked out 

A good-for-nothing stole two checks from a 65th Street doctor office on April 16.

The victim told police that the burglar nabbed the checks valued together at $2050 from the office between Dahill Road and W. First Street at around noon and cashed them.