Perp assults man during botched robbery


Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Botched robbery 

Some ruffian punched a guy during a botched robbery at a Pacific Street subway station on Dec. 10.
The victim told police the jerk attempted to take his cellphone at the Gravesend-bound platform of the N-train near Fourth Avenue at 2:15 pm, but the victim resisted, causing the lout to punch him in the face.

Blade runner

A knife-wielding bandit robbed a man on Plymouth Street on Dec. 11.
The victim told police the malefactor brandished a knife and snatched his backpack near Anchorage Place just after 5 pm, before running off — and ultimately dropping the bag during a foot pursuit. 

Cane cad

A brute punched a woman at Jay Street on Dec. 9.
The victim told police that she and her boyfriend got into an argument with the attacker on a Manhattan-bound A-train and when she got off at Jay Street-MetroTech station at 4:20 pm, the wretch smacked her in the back of the head with a cane.
The victim suffered cuts to her head went to Methodist Hospital for treatment, according to the authorities.

Locker lout

A thief stole a man’s wallet at the Atlantic Avenue YMCA on Dec. 8.
The victim told police he locked his stuff inside a locker between Court Street and Boerum Place around 4 pm, when the thief clipped the lock and bagged the wallet.

Pricey haul 

A burglar raided a woman’s Old Fulton Street apartment on Dec. 13.
The victim told police that the looter got into the apartment between Water and Front streets at 8 am through the bedroom window and stole several bags, shoes, and jackets — worth over $12,000.


Some scofflaw stole a jackhammer on Livingston Street on Dec. 11.
The victim told police that the purloiner stole the construction tool near Hanover Place at 9:50 am and fled towards Flatbush Avenue.