Violent thieves ambush cyclist near Manhattan Bridge


Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Watch your back!

A pair of brutes bagged a man’s backpack on High Street on March 17.
The victim told cops that, near Jay Street at 11 pm, he was biking toward the Manhattan Bridge when the goons pushed him to the ground and stole his bag, containing two phones and a speaker.

Hoops and rings

Someone freebooter raided a woman’s jewelry collection at her Wyckoff Street home between September and March 12.
The victim told police that her gems went missing from her apartment between Smith and Hoyt streets, which included a diamond ring, wedding ring, and several earrings worth a total of $6,695.

What a steal!

A sneak thief took a woman’s phone at a Livingston Street thrift store on March 10.
The victim told cops that, near Bond Street at 11 am, she was browsing the used goods outlet when she felt someone bump her, and later she noticed her phone was gone.

1-800 FRAUD

Police arrested a woman they say defrauded another woman out of more than $700 by stealing her identity at a Fulton Mall store from March 6-19.
The victim told police that, between Bond Street and Elm Place from 7:05 pm on the first date until noon on the second, the suspect allegedly set up an account with a phone provider under the victim’s name and billed the money to her.
Cops arrested the alleged fraudster on felony grand larceny charges on March 22 at the downtown store.

Watch out!

Some marauder stole surveillance cameras from a Furman Street building on the night of March 14.
A security worker told police that, near Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1 and between 11 pm and 2:30 am the next morning, the filcher took equipment worth $3,000.

Clean sweep

A couple of crooks raided cleaning supplies from a Warren Street apartment on March 14.
The victim told cops that, between Third and Fourth avenues and between 10:20 am-5 pm, the man and woman broke into the basement and stole garbage bags, bleach, disinfectant, and hand sanitizer.