He’s just seen a face! Paul McCartney seeks out Brooklyn fan 60 years after ‘Beatlemania’ interview

Paul McCartney took to social media Friday, responding to a 60-year-old fan interview taken on the cusp of “Beatlemania” arriving in the US. The legendary singer-songwriter’s photographs are the subject of a new Brooklyn Museum exhibit, on view now.
Images via Instagram/Paul McCartney

Are you Adrienne from Brooklyn? If so, Paul McCartney is looking for you — finally.

The legendary singer-songwriter took to social media Friday, responding to a 60-year-old fan interview taken on the cusp of “Beatlemania” arriving in the US.

“Paul McCartney, if you are listening, Adrienne from Brooklyn loves you with all her heart,” the teen told news cameras in 1964.” I love you, Paul, please come to the window so I can see you. I saw you smoking before, and I kissed the limousine.”

Some six decades later, the superfan’s dreams were answered when McCartney noticed her, and publicly responded. The Beatle stitched a video of Adrienne’s now infamous interview on May 3 to promote his new photography exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum.

“Hey Adrienne, It’s Paul. Listen, I saw your video, I’m in Brooklyn now, I’m in New York. I finally got here,” McCartney said. “We got a photo exhibition, come along and see it.”

The exhibition, “Paul McCartney Photographs 1963-64: Eyes of the Storm,” opened May 3 and will run through Aug. 18. It features hundreds of photographs captured by McCartney through the lens of his Pentax film camera as he navigated the superstardom of Beatlemania and the Beatles’ first US tour throughout the early 1960s.

The immense gallery explores immersive and interactive photographic and video material as well as numerous archival materials for guests to visually follow the Beatles and their careers — from humble beginnings on stages in Liverpool to their first international tour to their sweeping and unprecedented popularity in the states.

The exhibition was first displayed for the public at the National Portrait Gallery in London before eventually making its way to the Brooklyn Museum with the support of Bloomberg Philanthropies.

McCartney’s video renewed interest in Adrienne’s whereabouts among fans online who flooded his comment section with questions on where she is now.

Whether Adrienne is still in Brooklyn is currently unknown, but she is likely still a fan. In the 1964 interview, she promised to be a fan of the Beatles when she’s “105 and an old grandmother.”

“I don’t care what anyone else thinks, I love the Beatles, and I’ll always love them.”

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