Brooklyn Museum to ‘come together’ for new Paul McCartney photo exhibition

Brooklyn Museum to welcome new Paul McCartney exhibition
The Brooklyn Museum will welcome a new Paul McCartney exhibition focused on his photographs.
Photo courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum/Paul McCartney

The Brooklyn Museum will host “Paul McCartney Photographs 1963-64: Eyes of the Storm,” an exhibit displaying hundreds of photographs from the legendary musician’s archives documenting the rise of the Beatles.

On view from May 3 through Aug. 18, the exhibition features hundreds of photographs captured by McCartney through the lens of his Pentax film camera as he navigated the superstardom of Beatlemania and the Beatles’ first US tour throughout the early 1960s.

john lennon and george harrison photo the brooklyn museum
The exhibit includes snaps of the band, like “John and George in Paris.” Photo courtesy of Paul McCartney/the Brooklyn Museum

More than 250 photographs will be displayed at the Brooklyn Museum illuminating McCartney’s historical experiences as well as private, more quiet moments behind the scenes of him and his bandmates.

“Since first arriving in New York in February 1964, Paul McCartney has built a strong, everlasting connection to the city,” said Catherine Futter, director of curatorial affairs and senior curator of decorative arts in a statement on Tuesday. “His vibrant photographs from The Beatles’ first visit capture the energy of the city, the excitement of the American fans, and the frenzy of the band’s status as celebrities. Yet the images also record The Beatles’ fun and delight with each other. Through McCartney’s lens, we feel the intensity of being at the center of such extraordinary events.”

paul mccartney photo of new york city street
McCartney’s photos capture moments from the band’s first visit to New York City.P hoto courtesy of Paul McCartney/the Brooklyn Museum

The exhibition was first displayed for the public at the National Portrait Gallery in London before eventually making its way to the Brooklyn Museum with the support of Bloomberg Philanthropies. 

The immense photo gallery of “Eyes of the Storm” explores immersive and interactive photographic and video material as well as numerous archival materials for guests to visually follow the Beatles and their careers from humble beginnings on stages in Liverpool to their first international tour to their sweeping and unprecedented popularity in the US.

McCarthy’s photography explores the artist’s abilities beyond music into visual arts and also serves as his personal and historical archive with photos and media of his fellow Beatles bandmates. 

paul mccartney photo of george harrison
In one snap, George Harrison accepts a drink in Miami. Photo courtesy of Paul McCartney/the Brooklyn Museum

“Eyes of the Storm” has been organized in part by both the National Portrait Gallery in London, England as well as participation from McCarthy himself who also served as one of the exhibition’s curators.

The Brooklyn Museum’s presentation is organized by Futter and Jennie Tang, executive assistant to the deputy director of art and the director of curatorial affairs.

To learn more about the exhibition, visit the Brooklyn Museum’s website here.