Brooklyn Public Library to spark minds with STEM book giveaway powered by energy project

Readers can swing by the library to pick up their latest read.
Energetic readers can swing by any Brooklyn Public Library branch to pick up their latest read, but the borough’s book-lender is giving away STEM titles at the Farragut Community Center on Saturday, May 4.
Photo by Gregg Richards

Brooklyn Public Library is bringing the energy — clean energy, that is — during a STEM-themed book giveaway on May 4. The borough’s biggest book-lender is partnering with energy advocates from Community Offshore Wind to donate 3,200 thousand STEM-related titles to young readers.

Each novel is centered around topics of renewable energy, engineering and biographies of science pioneers, to anyone interested in growing their home library.

Librarians say the event is all about encouraging a passion for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education and a future career in the clean energy workforce.

Brooklyn Public Library is bringing the energy, clean energy that is, during a STEM-themed book giveaway.
Brooklyn Public Library will bring the energy Saturday during a STEM-themed book giveaway. Photo by Gregg Richards

“Having books at home provides a clear path to academic success and we are thrilled to partner with Community Offshore Wind to provide books for children to build libraries of their own, ” Linda E. Johnson, president and CEO of BPL, said in a statement. “As these young Brooklynites explore STEM topics that interest them, we hope they begin to think about their own career paths and scientific discoveries.”

Libraries are known for their love of literacy support and this upcoming event is no different. The simple act of putting books in homes promotes better educational outcomes in kids, according to librarians. Book advocates hope this giveaway will increase access to the right educational resources.

According to Doug Perkins, president and project director of Community Offshore Wind, reading about STEM topics will hopefully spur a passion for a career in clean energy

“By partnering with the BPL, we can help spark an interest in STEM subjects among children in Brooklyn and put them on a path toward clean energy education,” Perkins said. “We’ll also help them start or build their home libraries and inspire a life-long love of learning.”

There’s no need to sign up ahead of the giveaway, officials said. Families can simply show up at the Farragut Community Center at 228 York St. between noon and 3 p.m., and walk away with their newest read.