84th Precinct: Parcel thief hits Boerum Hill

84th precinct stationhouse
The 84th Precinct stationhouse in Downtown Brooklyn.
Photo by Kirstyn Brendlen


Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Parcel thief hits Boerum Hill

A sneak thief made off with $3,500 worth of packages from a Boerum Hill townhouse on Nov. 27.

The 40-year-old victim told cops she was at her Bond Street home at around 9:30 a.m. when she heard her front gate open. When the woman looked outside, she saw someone running down her front steps with a large garbage bag.

Among the stolen parcels was a Ring Doorbell camera and a designer jacket. Cops said they are checking nearby cameras to identify the perp.

Swiped at Snipes

A man snatched a cellphone worth $1,000 from the hands of a child at a Downtown Brooklyn shoe store on Dec. 2.

A 37-year-old woman told cops her 2-year-old daughter was holding her iPhone 12 inside of Snipes on Fulton Street when an unknown man grabbed the cellphone from the child’s hands.

At the time of the report, there was no surveillance footage available to identify the perp, who fled westbound on Fulton Street.

Open and shut suitcase

Cops arrested an alleged shoplifter who was attempting to leave a Downtown Brooklyn department store on Nov. 30 with merchandise concealed in a suitcase.

Staff at Macy’s on Fulton Street reported that a 28-year-old man allegedly took a suitcase from the store at around 2:45 p.m. and began filling it with clothing worth over $1,900.

Macy’s loss prevention team apprehended the man before he could leave the store, and held him in a holding cell until officers from the 84th precinct arrived.

Cops nab phone snatcher

A woman was sucker-punched during an attempted robbery at a Brooklyn Heights subway platform on Dec. 2.

The 42-year-old victim said she was waiting on the Court Street platform at around 1:30 a.m. when she was approached by a man who tried to speak with her.

She told the man she did not speak English and was attempting to walk away when he punched her in the head, knocking her to the ground.

The 25-year-old man allegedly tried to steal the woman’s phone during the scuffle but was apprehended by nearby transit cops.