Slasher cuts man in the head and snatches pills


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Pill fiend

Police arrested a suspect for allegedly slashing a man and stealing his pills on Washington Avenue on April 27.

The victim told police that the suspect asked for pills, but when he refused, the suspect allegedly drew a kitchen knife and cut him in the back of the head between Fulton Street and Gates Avenue at 9:50 am, before snatching three bottles of Adderall and seizure medicine and handing them to a female accomplice.

Paramedics rushed the victim to Methodist Hospital for treatment, and police picked up the suspect around 10 am on felony robbery charges, but couldn’t find the woman or the drugs.

Take out

A looter ransacked a Fulton Street restaurant on the night of April 26.

An employee told police that the raider smashed a window and broke paneling of the eatery near Vanderbilt Avenue, before bagging the cash register and fleeing the scene.

Package prowler

Police arrested a man for allegedly trying to steal a bunch of packages from a Lafayette Avenue apartment building on April 30.

A witness told police that the suspect allegedly broke into the building at Carlton Avenue using a screwdriver just after 2 pm and waltzed out with his loot.

Cops stopped the man at the intersection of Lafayette Avenue and Cumberland Street and slapped him with burglary charges.

Mission Possible

A bandit broke into a Fulton Street deli through the ceiling and looted cash and cigarettes in the early hours of April 30.

A witness told police that the burglar got into the building at Vanderbilt Avenue through the back door, before going to an apartment above and breaking in through the store’s ceiling — where he dismantled the ATM and stole cash and cigarettes.

Charges that stick!

Police caught a man for allegedly stealing a package of glue from a Washington Avenue apartment building on May 3.

The superintendent of the building near Dekalb Avenue told the police that the suspect allegedly went through the mail boxes and looked through packages around 1:30 am, before grabbing some loot and walking away.

Police stopped the man at Dekalb Avenue and found the boxes containing superglue at a nearby garbage can, and arrested him on burglary charges on the scene.

Subway swipe

Two pickpockets stole a man’s wallet at a Fulton Street subway station on May 1.

The victim told police that one of the two youngsters distracted him by asking for directions at Washington Avenue at 12:35 am while the other sneakily took his wallet from his pocket without him noticing.


Some lout broke into a victim’s car and stole a bunch of electronics at Washington Avenue on the night of April 30.

The victim told police that he parked his car between Atlantic Avenue and Fulton Street at around 11 pm and when he came back the next morning, he found that someone had busted the passenger side window and taken two laptops, a gaming console, and a backpack.

Room raider

A thief stole more than $6,500 in cash and a laptop from inside a man’s Cumberland Street apartment on May 2.

The victim told police that his boss gave him the wads of cash to cover rent on his apartment and that he stored it under his bed near Park Avenue at 7 am, but someone later rummaged through his backpack and took the cash and his laptop.

Wheeled away

A carjacker stole a man’s car parked on Grand Avenue on the night of April 30.

The victim told police that he left his vehicle between Gates and Putnam avenues at 7 pm and when he came back the next morning, it was gone without a trace.